Disadvantages of Photocopier

Ricohbrmgr/ May 6, 2021

1. Cost


Besides the cost of photocopier machine, it must be provided with sufficient supplies that can add additional costs to your monthly bill. These supplies include, toners, papers and other consumables. In fact these toners tends to carry higher price tag. 


In addition to that, photocopiers require periodic maintenance which can increase the cost even more. If regular maintenance is skipped, the machine can experience frequent wears and tears.



2. Security


Even though photocopiers are isolated from the use of internet, it is still able to create security leaks. Photocopiers use a hard drive to store data of copies so that it can have short or long term retrieval. This data retrieval seems convincing, until someone deliberately misuses them. Therefore, it must be given the same kind of security care as that of a computer hard drive.



3. Physical Size


A Photocopier machine occupies big space since they are too large in size. Similar to a full sized desk, there should be a dedicated area for placing this machine. Once you place the photocopier machine, it becomes difficult to move. Hence, it should be placed in a right location where it is not supposed to be relocated.



4. Noises


Photocopiers can also contribute to the noises inside the workplace. Unless the noises be produced at home, it can cause distractions to the people at workplaces. Sometimes this noises can lead to loss of productivity or even promote stress.



5. Power Consumption


From the toner operations, large amount of heat is generated from the photocopier which makes them consume more electrical power. As a result, the copier requires separate circuit for avoiding performance impacts. The machine cannot function in the absence of electricity.



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